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The presentations are divided into five key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of Building the IoT: Critical Device-Level Technologies

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The organisers of the IoT International Conference, in association with IQE plc, invite you to a networking drinks reception, held from 19:00 until 22:00.
This will be held at Satellite 6 and 7 at the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel.

Day 1 - Tuesday 7th March 2017
Start Finish Speaker Presentation Title
08:00 08:50 REGISTRATION - Including tea/coffee
08:50 09:00 HOUSEKEEPING - Conference Chair

Device technologies and the IOT business

09:00 09:25 Frans Frielink, Qorvo
The IoT is a Service Application
09:25 09:50 Julian Watson, IHS Markit
IoT Growth Opportunities and Technology Fragmentation
09:50 10:15 Matthias Weiss, Commsolid Unleashing 3GPP's NB-IoT Full Market Potential - Opening Up New Application Domains
10:15 10:40 William Webb, Weightless SIG IoT Communications - Barriers to Achieving 50 Billion IoT Devices
10:40 11:05 James Murphy, IBM Watson Securing IoT Implementations – How Well Are Your Devices Protected?
11:05 11:35 COFFEE BREAK

IoT Sensors

11:35 12:00 Richard Dixon, IHS Markit
The Impact of IoT on the Sensor Market
12:05 12:30 Danny Hughes, VersaSense Generating Value from the Internet of Things (IoT)
12:35 13:00 Gerard Colston, Advanced EPI Materials & Devices 3C-SiC Based Sensors For Harsh Environments
13:00 14:20 LUNCH BREAK
14:20 14:45 Mike Noonen, Silego Technology Configurability is the Key to IoT Innovation and Profitability
14:50 15:15 Ulrich Herleb, Brewer Science A Novel Approach To How The World Senses: Highly Sensitive, Real-time Response, Light-weight And Flexible Sensor Systems
15:15 15:45 AFTERNOON TEA

IoT Security

15:45 16:10 Oscar Gámez, Lux Research
Disruptive Approaches to Securing the IoT Ecosystem
16:10 16:35 Frank Pasveer, imec An Intuitive and Trusted Connected World
16:35 17:00 Geert-Jan Schrijen, Intrinsic-ID Secure Key Provisioning for the IoT
17:00 17:25 François Ennesser, oneM2M Breaking Barriers: How Can We Establish Ubiquitous Exchange of Information Between Devices of Different Domains
17:25 17:50 Chris Torr, Multos The Need for a Hardware Root of Trust in Endpoint Devices
17:50 18:15 Haydn Povey, Secure Thingz Developing the Supply Chain of Trust for a Secure IoT
18:15 18:25 CLOSING REMARKS - Conference Chair

Day 2 - Wednesday 8th March 2017
Start Finish Speaker Presentation Title
08:00 09:00 REGISTRATION - Including tea/coffee
09:00 09:10 HOUSEKEEPING - Conference Chair

IoT Diversity - The billion device 'niche'

09:10 09:35 Presentation to be announced
09:35 10:00 Markku Ellilä, Enfucell Oy Thin and Flexible Sensor Patches for Remote Care of Elderly Patients
10:00 10:25 Dan Isaacs, Xilinx All Programmable Technology in the Industrial IoT - Precise, Predictive, and Connected
10:25 10:55 COFFEE BREAK
10:55 11:20 Richard Kinder, Wirepas Industrial IoT Requires Fit-For-Purpose Connectivity
11:20 11:45 John Baekelmans, imec IoT in Healthcare, From Reactive Data Gathering to Proactive Coaching

IoT Device - level research, development, manufacturing and supply chain

11:45 12:10 Jurgen Sturm, The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation Towards a Truly Comprehensive Internet of Things
12:10 12:35 Cedric Mayor, Presto Engineering Semiconductor ASIC, catalyst of Internet of Things adoption
12:45 13:45 LUNCH BREAK

Please Note: IoT International reserves the right to make any necessary changes to this agenda. Every effort will be made to keep presentations and speakers as represented. However, unforeseen circumstances may result in the substitution of a presentation topic or speaker. IoT International reserves the right to use photographs of any attendee for future promotions.

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