Two days, five themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

The IoT International team are currently in the process of securing the leading industry insiders to present at IoT International 2017. The presentations will be grouped into five key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of Building the IoT: Critical Device-Level Technologies.

Five key themes

Device-level technology is integral to realising the potential of IoT applications. From sensors, to actuators, to protocols and to the wireless interfaces designed for universal connectivity, IoT depends heavily on the development and productization of microelectronic digital and analog devices. Delegates will explore how the IoT market is evolving, its trajectory and the key devices needed to enable universal connectivity, data sharing, analysis, automation, power/efficiency, cost/yields and profitability.

While the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) can at the most rudimentary level be thought of as, 'connecting devices through the internet…' the IoT is actually a multifaceted universe of device- and system-level technologies working together. The needs of various user groups differ widely as do the IoT systems that will support each of these groups' desires and objectives. We will explore the needs and device-level requirements of Industrial, SmartCity, Retail/Commercial and Healthcare industries.

While internet connectivity opens a world of possibilities it inherently carries the possibility that authorized access might be compromised. For IoT to be successful, authorized users need unfettered connections while trespassers need to be stopped before any damage can be incurred. We will explore the needs for security, current efforts to create secure IoT systems including wireless interfaces, as well as ways that security can be enhanced by device-level hardware / firmware solutions.

Sensing devices are integral to IoT functionality. At the core of contemporary and future sensors is the ability to measure, quantify, calibrate and deliver useful data that informs/provides information needed for actuators to stop, start, delay, accelerate and otherwise trigger sought-after functions. We will explore today’s state-of-the-art and future needs in key areas such as the ability to sense: pressure, temperature, motion, visible/invisible spectrums, particles and sound. We will explore actuators, data networking, and interconnection solutions/standards.

In order for interconnected devices to meet designers' expectations while eliminating misgivings, every aspect of the supply chain must maximize productivity and economy to reach their goals. We will explore the continuing development of MEMS and emerging sensor technology, supply chain management, system and device-level design, and ways that evolving communications and networking protocols are impacting the evolution of the IoT.

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